Calibration and verification

Reliable measurement results are ensured by metrological inspections of measuring instruments – calibration or verification at Metrosert.




Metrosert calibrates liquid volume measuring instruments starting from glass measuring cylinders and other small capacity measures to stationary storage tanks in the range of 2 μl to 30000 m³. Where necessary, calibration is conducted using the volumetric, mass or geometrical method.

Common measuring instruments that require calibration include:

  • Glass measurement cylinders
  • Dispenser pipettes
  • Metal capacity measures for water and fuel
  • Car and railway tanks
  • Stationary cylindrical storage tanks


Metrosert verifies liquid quantity measuring instruments:

  • Fuel dispensers
  • Liquid meters
  • Volume measuring systems

Metrosert performs the conformity assessment of liquid quantity measuring systems in conformity with Directive 2014/32/EU (module F).


Metrosert provides the measurement of the quantities of liquid as well as the measurements of the volume of containers, bunkers and other objects intended for holding liquids or bulk materials, using the volumetric, mass and geometric methods.


Volume measurements are traceable to the mass and temperature measurement standards of the Estonian National Measurement Standard Laboratory when using the volumetric and mass methods, and to the length measurement standard of the Estonian National Measurement Standard Laboratory when using the geometrical method.


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