Research and development

Metrosert participates in international research and development activities and carries out R&D projects in accordance with the specific demands and needs of its customers.


Research and development

Since 2021, Metrosert has been a positively evaluated research and development institution in the area of engineering and technology by the Estonian Research Council. We are mainly focused on applied research and development projects. We participate in international R&D projects to bring world-class knowledge and skills concerning the latest development trends in metrology to Estonia. In cooperation with our customers, we are ready to carry out projects that are in one way or another related to measurements – e.g., the creation of new measuring instruments or methodologies or the assessment of measuring systems and methodologies. We also provide consultancy services in the area of metrology.

Metrosert’s Research and Development Division produces precision photodetectors that are used by research laboratories worldwide. As a result of our research cooperation, unique measuring services have been developed in Europe. We are constantly working on further developing Metrosert’s metrological services in order to offer Estonian companies measuring services that meet their needs.

The research and development activities in the area of metrology are conducted by Metrosert’s Research and Development Division. Information concerning other R&D projects and applied research is available on the Applied Research Center website.

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