Testing / measurement

Metrosert’s experimentation, measurement and testing service provides businesses with precise data and supports the development of their products, services and processes while ensuring high quality results.


Testing / measurement

Metrosert’s precision measuring instruments allow for the measurement of the metrological parameters of devices, components or other objects. The extent and method of the measurements to be performed are chosen and agreed with Metrosert’s specialists. For every measurement or testing performed, a measurement report is issued that provides a description of the measuring instruments and methods used, measuring results and an assessment of measurement uncertainty.

Common measurement tasks and tests

  • Measurement of linear dimensions, roundness, cylindricity, straightness and flatness of components, devices or other objects.
  • Measurement of geometric parameters of objects on a 3D (three-dimensional) measuring machine
  • Measurement of geometric parameters of objects with laserscanner
  • Measurement of the mass of objects from a milligram to 60 tonnes
  • Weighing of vehicles
  • Measurement of the volume of containers, bunkers and other objects intended for containing liquids or bulk products
  • Temperature measurements from -80 to +1,600 °C
  • Measurement of rotation speed
  • Measurement of electrical parameters
  • Testing of autoclaves and sterilisers through the measurement of the metrological parameters of the created internal environment – temperature and pressure
  • Periodic conformity inspection of temperature recorders and thermometers used in the transportation and storage of chilled and frozen food
  • Adaptation of taximeters and testing of the parameters of taximeters
  • Measurement of pressure, determination of the pressure of the opening and closing of pressure valves and the responding of pressure relays
  • Analysis of the composition of materials, using the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry method

Metrosert has been accredited by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation as a testing laboratory to perform measurements and tests in the area of analysis of temperature, mass, liquid volume, length, and precious metals.

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