Duties of the Central Metrology Authority

AS Metrosert is fulfilling the functions of a central institution of metrology under a long-term agreement concluded with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Duties of the Central Metrology Authority

The functions of the central office of metrology of the Republic of Estonia according to the Metrology Act

  1. Organises the periodic calibration of national measurement standards, coordinates the periodic calibration of state-financed reference measurement standards, and reference measurements for intercomparisons with international measurement standards or with the measurement standards of other countries;
  2. Represents Estonia in the EU and international metrology organisations on the basis of authorisation granted by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications;
  3. Coordinates the research and development activities of national measurement standard laboratories;
  4. Prepares and submits development plans and reports regarding national measurement standards to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications;
  5. Organises intercomparison calibrations between calibration laboratories;
  6. Organises training in the area of metrology;
  7. Participates in standardisation and the arrangement of Estonian terminology in the field of metrology.

The obligations of a holder of information with regard to metrology

Pursuant to subsection 2 of § 5 of the Public Information Act, the obligations of a holder of information concerning the performance of the duties of a central office of metrology extend to AS Metrosert.
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