Calibration and verification

Reliable measurement results are ensured by metrological inspections of measuring instruments – calibration or verification at Metrosert.


Calibration and verification

Calibration ensures trustworthy measurement results and minimises possible damage.

Calibration, which essentially is checking and comparing the readings of a measuring instrument, gives you an estimate of how much the measuring instrument is likely to lie. You can then decide whether the measuring instrument is suitable or not for conducting the measurements you require.
The calibration of measuring instruments helps create assurance and ensure accuracy, on which you can rely in fulfilling your work duties; it also helps you prevent possible economic losses. Metrosert’s calibration activities have been declared reliable across the world through accreditation.

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Verification is mandatory.

The requirement for the mandatory inspection of measuring instruments applies to a number of instruments, which are used to carry out measurements in trade, sales of energy carriers and water, medicine, traffic supervision and accounting for taxation purposes. In other words, the instruments that help create economic assurance and reliability need to be verified.

Metrosert provides both initial and subsequent verification and conformity assessment of measuring instruments in Estonia.

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I require calibration or verification services. What should I do?

Contact our customer service by e-mail or phone. Our specialists are on hand to give you further instructions.
You can also find a more detailed description of our metrology service process here.

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