Calibration and verification

Reliable measurement results are ensured by metrological inspections of measuring instruments – calibration or verification at Metrosert.



Pursuant to the Metrology Act, verification is a procedure whereby a competent verification laboratory inspects the conformity of a measuring instrument with the requirements.

The objective of verification:

To protect citizens and the state from possible damage arising from inaccurate measurements. The obligation to verify measuring instruments is regulated by the legislation of Estonia and the European Union. The Republic of Estonia has granted Metrosert the right to act as an authorised and notified body under the Metrology Act and the Product Conformity Act. Metrosert thus performs the initial and subsequent verification as well as the assessment of conformity of measuring instruments as an inspection body in Estonia.

The scope of Metrosert’s approved verification services is listed in the accreditation certificate and its annexes issued by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation and Accreditation:

Accreditation certificate I050
Annex I to certificate I050, scope of accreditation with regard to initial and subsequent verification in Estonia
Annex II to certificate I050, scope of accreditation with regard to the assessment of conformity of measuring instruments

A resolution of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority grants Metrosert the authorisation to act as a verification laboratory:

CPTRA resolution 1-7/22-293

What steps are necessary for verification?

  1. First, determine which of your measuring instruments need to be verified.
  2. Then, contact Metrosert’s customer service.
  3. We will inform you of the scope and cost of the service.
  4. Next, bring the instrument for verification or invite our specialist to your location.
  5. Metrosert specialists will then perform verification of the instrument.
  6. You will get the result and if the instrument conforms to the requirement, we will place verification marks and, if necessary, issue a verification certificate.
  7. You can then use your measuring instrument according to requirements and schedule your next verification – if necessary, web based environment MÕIS for managing measuring instruments can assist you in this regard.

    We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.