AS Metrosert is fulfilling the functions of a central institution of metrology under a long-term agreement concluded with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Metrosert strives to be the best in its field in Estonia.


  • Metrosert is the number one choice for the buyers of metrology services,
  • Metrosert is the most reliable institution in maintaining and developing national measurement unit standards,
  • Metrosert is the largest and most reputable national certification company.

Metrosert is the best in its field – this means that in seeking a high level of customer service, we rely on our corporate values:

TEAMWORK, which ensures that our customers get the best results,
INFORMATION, which ensures the fastest and most contemporary services for customers,
RESPECT, which is the basis for Metrosert’s customer relations and employee relationships.

Gender Equality Programme

On 19 May 2022, a member of the Management Board of AS Metrosert approved the Gender Equality Programme. The objective of the Programme is to ensure equal opportunities for all the employees of AS Metrosert. We take gender equality aspects into account in all our activities and believe that the work results are better when gender aspects have been taken into consideration in performing the work. At the annual management meeting, the Head of Human Resources provides an overview of the gender equality situation in the company and of the activities performed under the Programme. The Gender Equality Programme of AS Metrosert is based on the Gender Equality Act.

The underlying principles and the measures of the Programme are available here.

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