Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center aims to support Estonian businesses in the development of knowledge-intensive products and services.
We assist in launching innovative ideas and entering global markets through the introduction of revolutionary products and services.


Applied Research Center

We supports Estonian businesses with their technological challenges by providing infrastructure, expert knowledge and networks in five fields:


Our focus is on:

  • Applied research,
  • Testing and scaling platforms
  • Analytical competence and
  • Consultation for knowledge-intensive business models.

We act as a bridge between businesses and science, foster cooperation and contribute to sustainable growth.

Applied Research Center supports the global competitiveness of Estonian businesses by helping them keep up with global challenges, carrying out innovative ideas and, most importantly, promoting exports.

How to work with the Applied Research Center?

One of our top priorities is to talk to Estonian businesses and listen to their needs. We are open to different applied research projects and can connect businesses, scientific establishments and other parties to establish cooperation between them, if needed.

If you’re looking for expertise, advice or the exchange of information, please feel free to contact us!
In the future, we will also provide access to our infrastructure in order to allow businesses to carry out knowledge-intensive product development.

Indrek Tulp PhD, MBA

Head of Applied Research Center / Member of the Board
+372 5625 7257

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