Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center aims to support Estonian businesses in the development of knowledge-intensive products and services.
We assist in launching innovative ideas and entering global markets through the introduction of revolutionary products and services.


For universities

How can Applied Research Center benefit universities?

  • The joint goal of Applied Research Center, universities and scientific establishments is to support businesses in solving their technological challenges and thereby improve Estonia’s competitiveness globally. Universities are known for their excellent scientific work whereas Applied Research Center focuses on practical applied research to help fulfil this common goal.
  • For this, Applied Research Center shares its international knowledge and expertise with universities, allowing them to apply their academic edge to the real world. It also offers practical challenges and applied science to promote entrepreneurship. The cooperation between Applied Research Center and universities creates innovative solutions that accelerate technological development and facilitate market entry.
  • Our joint activities help to strengthen scientific research, avoid duplication and allow for more efficient use of laboratories and equipment. Cooperation gives businesses access to the best combination of world-class knowledge and practices.
  • In addition, Applied Research Center assists universities in preparing next generation scientists and specialists who can participate in practical projects and obtain real-life work experience. Cooperation gives students a chance to contribute to real challenges and develop practical skills.
  • Joint activities not only boost innovation but also create opportunities for diverse sources of funding. Cooperation projects simplify the application for funding and realisation of projects by assuring better access to financial resources.

How can universities cooperate with Applied Research Center?

  • Universities can join projects led by Applied Research Center that tackle practical challenges in various fields of technology. Project-based cooperation allows universities to share their world-class knowledge and expertise while participating in practical applied research.
  • In the future, Applied Research Center will offer universities access to its laboratories and specialist equipment, allowing them to perform practical experiments and studies. This form of cooperation helps to avoid the duplication of resources.
  • Universities and Applied Research Center can initiate joint research projects with a focus on specific fields or problems. This creates a platform for open innovation and the exchange of knowledge.
  • Applied Research Center offers universities an opportunity to involve doctoral candidates and students in practical research projects and to participate in industrial internship programmes. This gives students real-life experience and helps them to develop the necessary practical skills.
  • In cooperation with universities, Applied Research Center can also organise joint public lectures and seminars to share its knowledge with the broader public and businesses while also promoting technological awareness.

Indrek Tulp PhD, MBA

Head of Applied Research Center / Member of the Board
+372 5625 7257

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