Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center aims to support Estonian businesses in the development of knowledge-intensive products and services.
We assist in launching innovative ideas and entering global markets through the introduction of revolutionary products and services.



To feed mankind, 30% of all land is used as farmland. 23% of crops contribute to more than 80% of our calorie intake and more than 60% of our global protein consumption. However, 77% of livestock farming covers only 37% of our protein consumption and 18% of our calorie intake through meat and dairy products. At the same time, livestock farming is known to be the largest emitter of CO2. About one-third of the world’s population lives in uninhabitable living conditions, meaning it is difficult  to produce enough food for about 2.5 billion people. Considering the global decline in arable land, mostly due to erosion and changes in land use with the rapid growth of world’s population, we must ask ourselves: how can we sustainably feed all these people? Additionally, there’s also the green transition, which aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels and significantly limit air pollution (mostly from plastics). All that emphasizes the urgent needfor the development of new environmentally friendly materials.

Applied Research Center biorefining research and innovation center is one of the most modern platforms for industrial scaling and material development in Scandinavia and in the Baltics.  It offers fermentation and ensuing down-stream capabilities, enabling the production of smaller product batches. Moreover,  we have attained food-grade certification, ensuring the quality of its output. In cooperation with our partners, we can support businesses with applied research  covering the creation and testing of both laboratory and industrial prototypes.

Our main technological areas are:

  • Batch and fed batch development and experimental production of starter cultures using aerobic and anaerobic cultivation
  • Development and experimental production of enzymes and proteins
  • Development and experimental production of functional cell biomass fractions (lipids, yeast extracts, etc.)
  • Development of bioplastics

Our infrastructure:

  • 17 bioreactors (50 to 5000 litres)
  • Separation devices (jet/plate, decanter)
  • Filtration devices (UF, mF, plate, frame)
  • Concentration devices (RVF, falling film vacuum)
  • Driers (lyophiliser, extruder, spray, fluidised bed)
  • Compounder

Our services:

  • We offer business-specific applied research and experimental development (industrial scaling). Within the project, we carry out development activities on both a laboratory and semi-industrial scale. We consult companies on the compilation of a project plan, help them find partners, analyze business models, explore co-fund possibilities, and establish intellectual property rights.
  • Through our network, businesses remain informed of the latest innovations and opportunities within the biotech sector.
  • We integrate businesses into international development consortia to facilitate their entry to global value chains.
  • We provide access to our equipment for small-batch production on a food-grade scale.

Who can benefits from our services:

We seek partnership with businesses engaged in knowledge-intensive development with significant potential, both in Estonia and on an international scale. Businesses focused to the develop of innovative products, services or technologies that are novel to the global market and strive to increase their value through the growth of intellectual property.

Kaupo Reede MSc (Eng), MSc (Econ)
Head of Biorefining Unit
+372 5330 4076

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