Overview of the services offered by us:


The purpose of calibration is to ensure reliable measurement results. The calibration procedure is determined by an organisation itself based on its requirements. Read more



The purpose of verification is to protect the interests of citizens and the state from possible losses caused by incorrect measurements. Metrosert performs domestic initial and subsequent verification and conformity assessments of measuring instruments. Read more


How is a measuring instrument calibrated/verified in Metrosert?

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Special and precision measuring instruments of Metrosert allow measurements of metrological parameters of devices, components and other objects. The scope and method of measurements are coordinated with the specialists of Metrosert. Read more

How can a measuring service be ordered?

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For information about the calibration and verification process of measuring instruments look HERE


The objective of certification is to give independent third-party assurance that the specified requirements are being complied with. Metrosert has been providing certification services since 1993.

Our certification services include:

  • Certification of quality management systems (ISO 9001)
  • Certification of environmental management systems (ISO 14001)
  • Certification of occupational health and safety management systems (EVS 18001/ISO 45001)
  • Certification of food safety management systems (ISO 22000)
  • Certification of pre-packaged product quantity verification systems (e-mark)
  • EMAS certification
  • Forest management certification (PEFC)
  • Certification of goods and services (translation service,  etc.)


In addition to certification audits, Metrosert offers all organisations the opportunity for additional evaluation of their management system. A company may find it has a need for such an evaluation if it is developing its management system and would like to obtain an expert opinion on whether it conforms to the management system standard or other regulatory documents. An evaluation is not obligatory but it helps prevent errors of a general nature from occurring in the management system and provides assurance regarding the effectiveness of the management process.

We also offer public and on-demand personnel training courses for companies regarding management systems.


Metrosert offers public and on-demand continuing training courses based on the needs of organisations in the following thematic fields:

  • metrology;
  • management systems;
  • precious metals and precious stones.

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AS Metrosert publishes on is website A SCHEDULE OF PUBLIC CONTINUING TRAINING COURSES for each calendar year

For information about on-demand continuing training courses look HERE

The best competency in the area of metrology in Estonia is in AS Metrosert – the Central Office of Metrology in Estonia.

The purpose of consulting services in the area of metrology is to support customers in finding the best solutions to issues related to measuring management.

The Estonian Assay Office provides various consulting services related to articles of precious metal and precious stones.

The competency in the area of metrology needs to be continuously developed and updated to be in line with technical development of measuring methods and tools.

The main objective of research and development activities of Metrosert is to maintain and develop the measurement standards of the Republic of Estonia by participating in metrology projects and surveys. Metrosert offers cooperation in the area of metrology for all interested parties in the Republic of Estonia:

  • services of precision measuring and calibration with the shortest traceability chain with measurement standards;
  • developing and testing metrologically traceable measuring methods;
  • studying, designing and assessing algorithms of measurement uncertainty assessment;
  • developing, designing and testing precision measuring instruments.

Web environment MÕIS (Information system of measuring instruments) allows companies to easily store and manage the register of its measuring instruments and to control these instruments. The system can be accessed by the customer, as well as by AS Metrosert.