Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center aims to support Estonian businesses in the development of knowledge-intensive products and services.
We assist in launching innovative ideas and entering global markets through the introduction of revolutionary products and services.


Drone technologies

The Drone Technologies in Applied Research Center aims to support the development of unmanned vehicles in Estonia. By leveraging technology, we strive to contribute to the growth of companies and the country’s economy.

In planning the activities of the development centre, we prioritise the following critical factors for unmanned aviation:

  • Identify market demands and assess the needs across key capabilities, technologies, and services.
  • Promoting the development of unmanned vehicles alongside a supportive value chain infrastructure.
  • Enhancing technological fields and expertise in line with priority research and development areas.
  • Helping companies achieve competitive edges in global markets by delivering robust products and services.

Our research and development initiatives are driven by the needs of the unmanned vehicle industry, market demand, and the pace of technological progress.
We offer a range of services to our clients and partners, including expert consultations, capability enhancement programs, testing facilities with simulation features, dedicated development programs, support for innovation and product industrialisation, assistance with certification processes, and fostering international collaborations.

Our key focus areas for technological development and research in unmanned vehicles include:

  • Innovations in sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), along with data centre solutions for secure data storage and processing from diverse platforms.
  • Ensuring secure communications through complex solutions and advanced navigation systems.
  • Developing countermeasures for unmanned vehicles.
  • Advancing platform technologies, including the introduction of new energy sources and the optimisation of engine efficiency.
  • Streamlining industrialisation processes to enable mass production of high-quality products.

The high priority for our research centre will be support for our clients with comprehensive laboratory services:

  • Advanced simulation testing.
  • Environmental and durability tests.
  • Examination of assemblies and subassemblies.
  • Crafting and evaluating control systems, along with developing testing frameworks and navigation assessments.
  • Compliance testing against standards such as the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), Machinery Directive, and Product Safety Directive.
  • Providing pre-market product evaluations and certification advisory services.

We aim to help our clients ensure that their drones meet the highest safety, reliability, and performance standards.

Rainer Kivimäe
Head of Drone Technologies Unit
+372 5335 8884

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