Applied Research Center

Applied Research Center aims to support Estonian businesses in the development of knowledge-intensive products and services.
We assist in launching innovative ideas and entering global markets through the introduction of revolutionary products and services.


About Applied Research Center

How the Applied Research Center got started

In 2018-2019, the European Commission conducted an in-depth analysis of the Estonian research and innovation system. The resulting report uncovered an alarming shortcoming – a shortage of applied research and the lack of a centre for applied research in Estonia.

This led the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC) to develop the concept of the Applied Research Programme which was approved by the Economic Development Committee of the government on 9 June 2020. This concept also envisaged the analysis necessary for the establishment of the Applied Research Center.

In 2022, the MEAC relied on the proposal of the Advisory Committee on Applied Research supporting the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology when tasking the team of Enterprise Estonia’s Programme for Applied Research with
selecting the fields of technology where a significant growth of added value was most likely to occur with government funding of knowledge-intensive development.

The team of the Programme of Applied Research analysed the 27 most significant fields of technology in Estonia. The aim was select five fields of focus where government funding could lead to a significant developmental leap for Estonian businesses. The criteria included the existence of capable and development-oriented businesses, world-class science and the high growth potential of added value in the future.

In June 2022, the Research and Development Council (RDC) advising the Estonian government asked the MEAC to create a working group for the development of a model of an applied research centre suitable for Estonia, and to conduct a feasibility study. On 29 November 2022, the RDC approved the feasibility study.

With a decree by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology, the Applied Research Center was created in 2023 at AS Metrosert.

Applied Research Center is important for Estonia as it directly strives to eliminate the shortcomings highlighted in the analysis conducted by the European Commission. It actively supports the technological challenges of businesses thereby promoting innovation and strengthening the Estonian economy and its competitiveness in the world.

Applied Research Center activities focus on solving economic, social and environmental challenges. We follow the principles of sustainable growth and work with various stakeholders. We openly share our reports on social responsibility and environmental impact to reflect developments in these fields and efforts to create positive effects for society and the environment.

How does Applied Research Center differ from other similar organisations?

  • We are committed to a business-centred approach, ensuring that our activities are directly aimed at the specific needs of companies.
  • Applied Research Center international team consists of world-renowned specialists and experts who help us acquire and bring together the knowledge and experience necessary for offering world-class solutions.
  • Applied Research Center robust network of partners includes businesses, scientific establishments and the public sector. We work with them in sharing knowledge, resources and experience thereby assuring an efficient and versatile approach to technological development.
  • Applied Research Center strives to be highly responsive while providing a flexible approach throughout the cycle of technological development. This approach ensures that Applied Research Center can support businesses at all phases of development. We are flexible and ready to embrace new challenges while offering quick and innovative solutions.
  • Applied Research Center fills a specific void between inventions created in laboratory settings and industrial production. Estonia has no other comparable infrastructure.

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