Calibration and verification

Reliable measurement results are ensured by metrological inspections of measuring instruments – calibration or verification at Metrosert.


Web environment MÕIS

The MÕIS web environment allows companies to easily maintain and manage their measurement instruments and related registers. The system is accessible by both customers and Metrosert.

A brief overview of the functions of the system.

  • Information about the status of measuring instruments (calibration, verification, maintenance, repair, etc. at Metrosert/elsewhere at a laboratory/internally/not at all).
  • Notifications about an upcoming calibration and/or maintenance term either directly in the environment or (periodically) by e-mail.
  • A measurement instrument list view, their details, parameters and related activity history view.
  • The option of creating users with rights of different levels (from observer to administrator), personal passwords.
  • Uploading documents (digitally sealed calibration certificates, images, user manuals, etc.).

Options of use starting from a simple file exchange environment to a contractual relationship where the customer gives Metrosert the right and obligation to monitor the status of measuring instruments and call measuring instruments in for calibration/verification at the right time. The use of the environment is free of charge for Metrosert’s contractual customers.

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