Calibration and verification

Reliable measurement results are ensured by metrological inspections of measuring instruments – calibration or verification at Metrosert.


Electronic stamping of documents in Metrosert

AS Metrosert uses electronic sealing for approving documents such as issued certificates, using the e-Seal service of SK ID Solutions AS.

Seal is attached to electronically sealed documents in the same manner in which documents are signed in Estonia using an ID card (or mobile ID or Smart ID). The difference between a digital signature and an electronic seal is that the latter is “signature” of a company.

The digital signature attached to document by AS Metrosert confirms that AS Metrosert is bound by the particular document and the document has not been altered since sealing.

An electronically sealed document consists of a container file (with the file extension .asice), which in turn contains a document file/document files and data related to signing (signatories, etc.).

A document taken out of the container and saved elsewhere must be treated as a copy of the electronically sealed document.

Metrosert’s electronically sealed documents also come with information on who and when has approved them. For instance, both the calibrator of the respective measuring instrument and the person responsible for measuring have to give electronic confirmations in the internal document approval software environment, which is a precondition to the electronic sealing of a calibration certificate.

Samples of electronically sealed documents can be downloaded from here:

.asice file containers can be opened by Estonian official sofware DigiDoc for signing and viewing signed documents.

DigiDoc software can be found also in Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple App Store.

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