Assay Office

The analysis and assay of precious metals along with the expert assessment of jewellery and precious stones are unique competences of the Estonian Assay Office!

Sponsor’s mark

All the sponsor’s marks are entered in the State Register. The register stores the details and comparison imprints of every sponsor’s mark. Metrosert’s unit, the Estonian Assay Office, is the processor of the State Register of Sponsor’s Marks.
The registry data is available at

The data to be submitted to the Register:

  • Manufacturers of articles of precious metal
  • Importers of articles of precious metal

Initial registration:

The following documents must be submitted for registration:

Registration of an importer’s additional sponsor’s mark:

An importer may register the sponsor’s mark of the manufacturer of articles of precious metal (with the latter’s consent). For this, the following must be submitted:

  • An application for the registration of an additional sponsor’s mark
  • An image of the sponsor’s mark of the manufacturer of the articles of precious metal at the scale of 20:1
  • A document that certifies that the manufacturer of the imported articles of precious metal consents to the entry of its sponsor’s mark in the Register
  • A sample imprint of the sponsor’s mark on metal
  • A copy of the payment order for the payment of the state fee

Extension of registration

Once a year, but not later than on 31 March, the registry data are checked and the new comparison imprints of every sponsor’s mark in use are added to the material collection of the Register. The extension of registration is free of charge.

For the extension of registration, the following must be submitted:

The documents must be submitted to the Register in writing on paper or electronically with a digital signature. The design of the submitted sponsor’s mark must be clearly distinguishable from other sponsor’s marks entered in the Register. For this purpose, the draft of a sponsor’s mark must be approved by an authorised employee of the Estonian Assay Office.

The sample imprints of a sponsor’s mark are submitted to the Register on a brass metal plate of 25×50 mm, onto which the name of the company is engraved and the sponsor’s mark is affixed either with a laser and/or mechanically at three impact strengths: strong, medium and weak. The Assay Office provides assistance in preparing a standard imprint plate, if necessary.

Refusal from registration, the amendment of the data entered in the Register and the deletion and archival of registry data are regulated under  “Establishment of State Register of Sponsor’s Marks and Statutes of Maintenance of Register”.

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