Assay Office

The analysis and assay of precious metals along with the expert assessment of jewellery and precious stones are unique competences of the Estonian Assay Office!


The Estonian Assay Office testing laboratory performs expert assessments related to articles of precious metal and gemstones. The experts of the Estonian Assay Office meet the requirements established in the Precious Metal Articles Act. A certified expert is performing the Gemmology expertise.

Expert assessment reports

In the course of an expert assessment, the expert provides an assessment of: the materials used in producing the article, the defects discovered in the article, the marking affixed to the article, and the release of nickel from the article. The expert assessment decision is drawn up as an expert assessment report.

Description of articles

An expert analyses the material used in producing the article, describes the marking affixed to the article and determines the stone used in the article, the calculated mass of the stone and the origin of the stone. On the basis of this data, a document is drawn up, containing pictures and a description of the piece of jewellery as well as a quality analysis report. Translation into English is also provided, if necessary.

Gemstone identification certificate

An expert determines the gem material, mass and origin of the stone (whether it is natural or synthetic, whether any corrections have been made to the stone). The expert calibrates a diamond according to the 4 C’s system: carat, clarity, colour and cut (the cut type, the cut quality and the proportions of the stone). On the basis of this data, the identification certificate of the jewellery stone is drawn up. Translation into English is also provided, if necessary.

Value assessment of articles of precious metal

The value assessment of an article can be ordered on the basis of an expert analysis of the metal used for producing the article and the precious stones affixed to the article. The value assessment report of an article of precious metal states the world market price of the materials (precious metal and precious stones) used for producing the article, the approximate price of pawning the article (via Estonian pawnshops), selling the article as a used article, and insuring the article.

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