Assay Office

The analysis and assay of precious metals along with the expert assessment of jewellery and precious stones are unique competences of the Estonian Assay Office!


The Republic of Estonia and AS Metrosert have concluded an agreement for the provision of the service of hallmarking of precious metals articles.

The non-destructive methods used are a combination of determining the fineness of precious metal on a sample stone and an X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) analysis.

The conformity of articles with the requirements of the REACH Regulation with regard to hazardous metals (Ni, Cd, Pb)

In the course of hallmarking process:

  • The existence of a nickel coating of articles is checked. The presence of nickel in the coating of an article is determined in the course of an XRF analysis. The handling of articles of precious metal coated with nickel is prohibited and such articles are not hallmarked.
  • In the case of cadmium or lead being found in the alloy of an article, the article is hallmarked; however, the customer is informed of the findings.

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