National measurement standards / National Metrology Institute

Metrosert is the National Metrology Institute of Estonia. We maintain and develop Estonian national measurement standards for length, mass, temperature and electrical quantities. The quality of numerous Estonian products and services is based on our measuring capability.


National Metrology Institute

National Metrology Institute is the state’s single source of traceability of measurement results. Metrosert’s task as the national metrology institute is to coordinate activities which ensure that the measurements conducted in Estonia are comparable to other measurements in the same areas across the world. The national metrology institute is a part of the system of the functioning of the quality infrastructure of the Estonian state, the task of which is to ensure the reliability of products and services.

The responsibilities of the national metrology institute include organising national and international intercomparisons, coordinating the R&D activities of the national measurement standard laboratories, preparing the national measurement standard development plan and taking part in standardisation. The responsibilities of the national metrology institute have been established in the Metrology Act (the Metrology Act is available here).
Metrosert is acting as the national metrology institute based on the contract with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. As the national metrology institute, Metrosert represents Estonia in international metrology organisations.

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