National measurement standards / National Metrology Institute

Metrosert is the National Metrology Institute of Estonia. We maintain and develop Estonian national measurement standards for length, mass, temperature and electrical quantities. The quality of numerous Estonian products and services is based on our measuring capability.


Metre Convention

Metrology as a field of science can justifiably be considered one of the first ones to be recognised on a uniform basis all across the world. That uniform basis is the Metre Convention concluded on 20 May 1875 as an agreement between states. Since 2005, we have participated in the work of the Metre Convention as an observer and since 19th of January 2021 as a full member of the Metre Convention.

Metrosert has in the framework of the Metre Convention signed the agreement on the mutual recognition of calibration and measurement results – the CIPM MRA – and actively participates in the cooperation of the directors of national metrology institutes of the member countries of the Metre Convention.

The full text of the Metre Convention is available here.

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