At the beginning of 2023, the government updated its expectations for AS Metrosert’s ownership to enhance the research and development capacity specifically targeted at applied research in Estonia. Activities related to applied research are carried out at Metrosert by the Applied Research Center (ARC). The goal of Metrosert’s Applied Research Center is to support companies in the development of knowledge intensive busines. These activities support Estonia’s goal to increase labor productivity to 110% of the European Union average by 2035. The Applied Research Center focuses on five areas:

  • biorefining,
  • drone technologies,
  • autonomous vehicles,
  • hydrogen technologies, and
  • secondary use of health data.

Metrosert’s applied research activities contribute to economic growth, enhancing the added value and exports of Estonian companies. This involves bringing laboratory research results and innovative ideas into industry and entrepreneurship. The activities in the five applied research areas allow companies to conduct laboratory measurements, create prototypes and pilot solutions, organise simulations, and test new technological solutions for mass production.
The objectives of Metrosert’s applied research areas are to provide significant support to companies in implementing research and development activities and in scaling processes. In collaboration with Metrosert’s Applied Research Center, it is possible to improve the company’s competitiveness, increase efficiency, or discover new opportunities.
Metrosert aims to be a valuable partner, helping to bring innovative ideas to the market and reach international markets with breakthrough products and services. We invite you to collaborate with us and contribute to the innovation and sustainable development of the Estonian economy.

Indrek Tulp, Board Member of AS Metrosert and Head of the Applied Research Center, says: “Our goal is to help companies reach international markets faster by developing innovative solutions, and to enhance the added value and exports of companies. We aim to curate the entire technology development chain in collaboration with companies and other research and development institutions, and help to transfer knowledge into innovation.

At the same time, it is important for us to be a valuable partner to universities, professional associations, and unions, to find and develop new technologies that address societal needs with global potential. Cooperation with various stakeholders enhances our capabilities and allows us to contribute more broadly to both research and societal development.”

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact our team:

Indrek Tulp, PhD, MBA
Head of Applied Research Center | Member of the Board
+372 56 257 257

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