Special measurements

Ümarsuse mõõtemasin
Ümarsuse mõõtemasin

Special and precision measuring instruments of AS Metrosert allow measurements of metrological parameters of devices, components and other objects. The method and scope of measurements are coordinated with the specialists of Metrosert.

For the performed measurements a measurement report is issued. It contains a description of a measured object, measuring instruments used, method and measurement results with the measurement uncertainty estimation.

Most common special measurements and tests

  • Linear, roundness and cylindricity measurements of components, devices and other objects. Surface straightness and flatness measurements.
  • Measurement of geometric parameters of an object with a 3D (three dimensional) measuring machine.
  • Measurement of the mass of objects from milligram to 60 tons.
    • Weighing vehicles.
  • Volume measurement of capacity measures, bunkers and other objects foreseen for storing liquids or bulk materials.
  • Temperature measurements from –80 to +1100 °C.
  • Measurement of the rotational speed.
  • Measurement of electrical parameters.
  • Testing autoclaves and sterilisers via measurement of such metrological parameters as temperature and pressure.
  • Periodic compliance verification of temperature displaying measuring instruments and thermometers used when transporting and storing chilled and frozen food.
  • Adjusting taximeters and testing the parameters of taximeters.
  • Measurement of pressure, determining the response pressure of opening and closing of pressure relief valves and pressure relays.
3D mõõtemasin
3D mõõtemasin

Metrosert is accredited by EAC as a testing laboratory for carrying out temperature, mass, liquid volume and length measurements and tests.