National measurement standards

In the Republic of Estonia, national measurement standards are fixed in four fields of measurement by the regulation of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.


calibration of weights in the range of 1 mg…50 kg


calibration of length gauges in the range of 0.5 mm…1 m

calibration of tape measures in the range of 1 mm…120 m


calibration of platinum resistance thermometers and digital thermometers in five fixed points (Hg, H2O, Ga, Sn and Zn) and by method if comparison in the range (‑80…+400) °C

Electrical quantities:

Calibration of voltage sources at reference values 1 V; 1.018 V and 10 V

Calibration of voltage sources in the range of 10 mV…1 kV

Calibration of electrical resistors at nominal values of 1 mW…10 kW