Digital stamping in AS Metrosert

AS Metrosert uses a electronic seal service provided by SK ID Solutions AS to sign an electronic document or by client-s request traditional signing a paper document.

Estonian ID-Software is used for electronic sealing[1]. Difference between digital signing and electronic sealing is that first is adding a digital signature by person while second is adding a digital signature by institution. An electronic seal is an analogue of institution’s seal imprint and / or security template in the digital world.

AS Metrosert’s electronic seal is to assure to our clients that AS Metrosert is associated with the document and that the document has not been altered after sealing.

A digitally sealed document is a container (a file with an .asice or .bdoc extension), which in turn contains document file(s) and signature-related data (signers data).

Document taken out of container is to be treated as a copy of the original document.

Before sealing AS Metrosert adds additional information to the document describing who and when has approved the document. For example – calibration certificates are to be sealed after a person who performed the calibration and a person who is responsible for this measurement area have both electronically approved the document in Metrosert’s internal document approval software environment.

Example of electronically sealed certificates can be downloaded here:


[1] The term electronic seal is used in the EU Regulation No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation). There is also a wikipedia article.