An overview of MÕIS

An overview of an information system of measuring instruments (MÕIS)

Web environment MÕIS allows companies to easily store and manage the register of their measuring instruments and to control these instruments. The system can be accessed by the customer, as well as by Metrosert.

A short overview of the functionality of the system

  • Information on the status of measuring instruments (calibration, verification, maintenance, repair, etc., in Metrosert/elsewhere in the laboratory/within the company/not at all).
  • Notifications of upcoming calibration and/or service deadlines either directly to the system or (periodically) via e-mail.
  • View of the list of the measuring instruments, data and parameters thereof and history of the activities related to them.
  • Possibility to create users with different levels (from observer to administrator), personal passwords.
  • Document upload (digital stamped calibration certificates, pictures, user manuals, etc.).
  • Supports estonian, english and russian languages.

A use possibility starting from a simple file exchange environment to contractual relation where the customer gives Metrosert the right and obligation to monitor the status of the measuring instruments and to call the measuring instruments at the right time for calibration/verification. The use of the environment is free for the contractual customers of Metrosert.

Contact to receive additional information and connect with the service

Lauri Lillepea 
AS Metrosert Head of Metrology Division
Phone: +372 681 4810

Screenshots of the software

Ekraanitõmmis mõõtevahendite nimekirjast demokasutaja korral.
List of measuring instruments.


Mõõtevahendi andmete vaade.
View of measuring instrument.


Mõõtevahendi andmete vaade 2: seotud dokumentide vaade ja kalibreerimiste vaade.
View of measuring instrument 2: connected documents and calibrations.


Tegevuse ajalugu: mõõtevahendi andmete muutmised on jälgitavad.
History of changes of measuring instrument data is logged and traceable.


Kasutajal on võimalik saada teavitusi tähtaegade lähenemise kohta.
User can get messages about approaching of various dates.