The best competency in the area of metrology in Estonia is in AS Metrosert – the Central Office of Metrology in Estonia. The purpose of consultancy services in the area of metrology is to support various organisations in finding the best solutions to issues related to the area of measurement.

Estonian Assay Office provides various consultation services related to articles of precious metal and precious stones.

The metrological division in cooperation with the science and development division offers consulting services on the following topics:

  • management of measuring instruments in the company (which measuring instrument to choose, from where to purchase it, how to properly use the measuring instrument, requirements for calibrating and maintenance of measuring instruments, etc.).
  • The development or selection of a complex measuring system based on customer’s requirements.
  • Development of measurement/calibration methodologies according to the company’s initial task (for example, to start internal measurements in industrial enterprises). The improvement of measurement or the development of a measurement method raises the efficiency of the production process.
  • Development of measuring instruments. Modern technologies need modern measuring instruments the development experience of which is available in Metrosert.
  • Expert assessments related to measuring instruments (verification of metrological properties, visual inspection, installation verification with the aim of detecting falsification and other problems; conformity assessment of procurement specifications of measuring instruments with the aim of ensuring that the procurement of equipment is carried out properly and efficiently).
  • Studies on issues (e.g. establishing the need of availability of services related to measurements and metrological services, the underlying measurements in the area of legal metrology) related to measurements.
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty in measurement and calibration, development of assessment methodologies (for some specific measurement task). Typically, the measurement results or estimates obtained from them are compared to the criteria set, or the criterion/limit must be set based on the possibility to fulfil it by means of measurement.
  • Consulting laboratories starting their activities and preparing for accreditation pursuant to standard EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories).
  • Metrological audit – auditing metrological activity in the company. The purpose of the audit is to estimate the state of measurement facilities and traceability of a measurement result in terms of requirements of the Estonian Metrology Act and international standards. On the basis of the audit results the report on the state of measurement facilities is compiled. If required, statement on improvement of management and development of measurement facilities is prepared ensuring traceability of a measurement result and required measurement accuracy in production.

For whom?

Public sector; industrial enterprises; companies possessing ISO 9001 certificate or other companies fulfilling quality control requirements for any other reasons; competent measurers; testing laboratories; laboratories starting their operation; companies active in the field of heat energy, electricity and water trading.

Estonian Assay Office offers the following consulting services and expert assessments:

  • Expert assessment of articles of precious metal, including:
    • conformity of articles of precious metal with the requirements of the Precious Metal Articles Act;
    • identifying the value of articles of precious metal;
    • identifying problems related to articles of precious metal.
  • Gemmology expert assessments, including:
    • setting quality of the gems;
    • conformity of the diamond on the product with the accompanying certificate;
    • verifying the certificate of the diamond and identifying its authenticity;
  • determination of standard fineness of an article of precious metal for a test gem and the use of reactive agents intended for that purpose;
  • maintenance of (an) article(s) of precious metal and cleaning the gems set on the products.

The result of an expert assessment of (an) article(s) of precious metal is issued in the form of an expert act.
Gemmology expert assessments are issued in the form of a description of an article of precious metal (Quality analysis report of jewellery) and/or identification certificate of a gemstone or diamond (Gemstone identification report).

For whom?

Consulting services/expert assessments offered by the Estonian Assay Office are necessary for consumer-rights organisations; the Police and Border Guard Board; to the Tax and Customs Board; institutions that have to deal with confiscated goods; companies dealing with articles of precious metal; insurance companies; pawnbrokers; antique stores; goldsmiths; private persons.

If you are interested in the consulting services offered by us, please fill in the form of a consulting service inquiry.

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