Pre-packaged quantity


Under Section 2 of the Metrology Act, pre-packages are goods in packaging which are marked by the packer with a predetermined nominal quantity and sealed by the packer in the absence of the customer, such that the actual contents of the packaging cannot be altered without opening or damaging the packaging.

The objective of a system for verifying conformity to the requirements of pre-packages and ensuring product quantity is to guarantee the unhindered movement of goods in EU member states as well as to ensure certainty for the customers (buyers, wholesalers and retailers) of a manufacturing enterprise (packer) as well as market supervision authorities that the packaged nominal quantities conform to the specifications on the label.

Metrosert offers companies certification of the pre-packaged product quantity verification system. The certificate issued by Metrosert states that a company has implemented a pre-packaged product verification system and that the product quantity assurance system is operational in conformity to the requirements of the Metrology Act. The certificate is issued for three years. Issue of the certificate entails the obligation to perform surveillance audits of the pre-packaged product quantity verification system once a year.


  • Section 17 of the Metrology Act, “Requirements for pre-packages; the handling of pre-packages”; Section 18 of the same act, “Control of actual contents and marking of pre-packages”
  • “Obligatory predefined nominal quantities of pre-packages, requirements for marking pre-packages, including form of e-mark, allowable deviations of product quantities from nominal quantity and procedures for verifying pre-packaged product quantities” (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications regulation no. 114)
  • Council Directive. 76/211/EEC


Requesting a quote

The amount of work related to certification is calculated in auditor-days based on number of packaging lines and the number of the various kinds of packages. A quote for the certification is offered based on a request for a quote. Organizations that accept the terms of the quote are signed to a certification agreement.

Certification audit

A competent team carries out the certification audit to verify conformity to the standards. The audit has two stages. First of all, the conformity of the documentation is verified vis-à-vis the directive’s requirements, including the up-to-date-ness of the product quantity verification procedures. Second, compliance with product quantity verification procedures is evaluated. Based on the number of packaging lines and packages, verification is performed with regard to the required number of packages, documentation related to packaging and metrological equipment. Findings made during the audit are analysed together with the client, determining the impact of the findings on the performance of the organization’s activities. The results of the certification audit are presented to the client as a written report. The company has three months to eliminate the non-conformities.

Issuing the certificate

The certificate is issued after all non-conformities found in the certification audit are eliminated. The certificate remains in force for three years. Regularly held surveillance audits during the term of validity of the certificate verify the company’s conformity to the requirements.

Surveillance audits

During the term of validity of the certificate, the surveillance audits are held at an interval of every six, nine or 12 months, depending on the agreement with the client. The objective of surveillance audit is to make sure that product quantity verification procedures are followed. The results of the surveillance audit are presented to the company as a written report. The company has three months to eliminate the non-conformities.

Renewing a certificate

The term of validity of an issued certificate can be extended every three years. The extension of certificate takes place in the framework of the surveillance audit.



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