AS Metrosert calibrates pressure measuring instruments in the measuring range from -96 kPa to 140 MPa. As a working environment air, oil, water or nitrogen are used.

The most common calibrated measuring instruments are:

  • manometers and vacuum meters;
  • dead weight piston gauges;
  • pressure balancers;
  • pressure transducers;
  • micro-manometers;
  • medical blood pressure monitors;
  • barometers;
  • tyre pressure gauges.


AS Metrosert offers inspection of pressure safety valves and pressure relays; measurement of pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic systems; measurement of metrological parameters of autoclaves.


The measurements of pressure are traceable to the measurement standard of mass of the Estonian national measurement standard; measurement standard of pressure of the Finnish national measurement standard laboratory VTT Mikes and measurement standard of pressure of CMI (Czech metrological authority).