AS Metrosert offers calibration of scales from 1 mg to 150 t on-site or in the laboratories of AS Metrosert. Weights are calibrated in the range from 1 mg to 2000 kg by determining the agreed value of mass.

The most common calibrated measuring instruments are:

  • weights in the precision class from OIML E2, F1 to OIML M3;
  • special weights and the weights of pressure balances;
  • electronic and mechanical scales in precision classes I, II, III and IIII;
  • unclassified precision scales and comparators;
  • conveyor scales, metered dose scales and bunker scales;
  • suspended scales and crane scales;
  • axle and wheel load scales;
  • vehicle and rail weighbridges.


AS Metrosert verifies the following scales:

  • class II, III, IIII non-automatic scales (“ordinary” scales from commercial scales to vehicle and rail weighbridges);
  • automatic catchweighing instruments, class XII; XIII; XIIII; Y(II); Y(a); Y(b);
  • automatic gravimetric filling instruments, class X(0.5); X(1); X(2):
  • discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments, class 0.2; 0.5; 1; 2;
  • continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments, class 0.5; 1; 2;
  • automatic rail weighbridges, class 0.5

AS Metrosert performs also conformity assessment of scales in accordance with directives 2014/31/EU and 2014/32/EU (modules F and G).


  • Measurement of the mass of objects from milligram to 60 tons.
  • Weighing vehicles.
  • Measurement of weight density.
  • Measurement of magnetic properties of weights.


The measurements of mass are traceable to the measurement standards of mass of the Estonian national measurement standard laboratory and measurement standards of Finnish national measurements standard laboratory VTT Mikes.


OIML E2 to F1 precision class weights from 1 mg to 50 kg are calibrated for the customers in the national mass measurement standard laboratory. Calibration is performed by means of a calibration and measuring capability recognised in the frame of an international arrangement CIPM MRA, which can be consulted HERE