Sponsor’s Marks

According to the Precious Metal Articles Act the Sponsor’s Mark on the articles of precious metal in Estonia is compulsory mark. The articles of precious metal must be stamped with the Sponsor’s mark of their manufacturer or the importer. The articles of precious metal marking with Sponsor’s Mark are provided by the articles manufacturer or the importer.
A sponsor’s mark indicates the manufacturer or the importer who is responsible for the correspondence to the Precious Metal Articles Act of the articles of precious metal.

The Sponsor’s mark can be a letter, a letter combination or a sign that is easily distinguishable from the Sponsor’s marks of other entrepreneurs and that is register in the State Register of Sponsor’s Marks.

Fineness Mark (combined Sponsor’s and Fineness mark):

Date Mark (combined Sponsor’s and Date mark):

Assay Office of Estonia has a service of the articles of precious metal marking with Sponsor’s Mark. The Precious Metals articles marking with Sponsor’s Mark normally are hold mechanical. On the mechanical machine the working tool is the Sponsor’s Mark stamp, which is the property of the Sponsor’s Mark owner.

If the mechanical marking is not possible laser marking is in use. The Laser marking is ideal for marking hollow or thin articles, flat and curved surfaces and when minimum finishing of an item is required. For the Sponsor’s Mark laser marking the programmable laser machine is in use. The image of a Sponsor’s Mark remains digitally in laser machine software.

The mechanical marking machine
The programmable laser machine