For enterprises


How to begin the activity in Estonia

  • The license is needed for the next activities:

    • Pawn shop/office service;

    • Buying up or wholesale of the precious metals, articles of precious metals and precious stones

  • An entrepreneur who wishes to manufacture or import precious metal articles also must have the Sponsor’s Mark registration in Estonian State Register of Sponsor’s Mark.
  • An article may be offered for sale or transferred for a charge as an article of precious metal if the article complies with the requirements of Precious Metal Articles Act and compulsory marks specified in this Act have been affixed to the article.

According to legislation a precious metal article shall not be offered for sale or transferred for charge if it is coated with nickel. The manufacturer or the importer of articles of precious metal shall ensure that articles of precious metal are complied with the Precious Metal Articles Act.

Requirements for submission of information upon retail trade and wholesale trade in articles of precious metal:

  • the name of the article of precious metal
  • the name and fineness of the precious metal used for the manufacture of the article of precious metal
  • the weight of the article of precious metal

Restrictions for the retail sale of precious metal articles
Retail trade in articles of precious metal is prohibited:

  • in markets (marketplaces)
  • in street trading
  • at the pawn shop
  • at public events, not including the events where the retail of precious metal articles corresponds with the general objective of the event

The National Supervision over compliance with the requirements established by Precious Metal Articles Act is performed by the following authorities (according to their competence):

Market surveillance over precious metal articles is held by Estonian Consumer Protection Board,