Control Mark

A Control Mark is the State supervision Mark. A Control Mark means, that the precious metal’s content is analyzed, and confirms the precious metal article’s correspondence to the standard Fineness Mark. The control mark is the “surveillance mark of fineness marks” in Estonia.
The image of the control mark is a facing and stepping lion in an oval hollow..
The Control Mark of Estonia is affixed to an article of precious metal only by accredited laboratory of Estonian Assay Office of Metrosert Ltd, which has the exclusive rights for Hallmarking in Estonia.

A control mark is deemed to be affixed to an article of precious metal if the article bears:

  • Estonian Control mark or Estonian Control mark combined with a fineness mark (combined fineness and control mark);
  • Control mark of any State of the European Economic Area Agreement;
  • Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (also known under “Hallmarking Convention” or “Vienna Convention”) “Common Control Mark” (CCM)

For the precious metal articles Hallmarking the combined fineness and control mark may be used:

Precious metal Standard Fineness Combined fineness and control mark
Gold articles 375, 500, 585, 750, 916, 999
Silver articles 800, 830, 925, 999
Platinum articles 850, 950, 999
Palladium articles 500, 950, 999

If the single marks are used for item’s Hallmarking the following order of marking is established: Fineness Mark takes the first place and Control Mark is followed



The Precious Metals articles Hallmarking normally is hold mechanical. If the mechanical marking is not possible Laser marking is in use. The Laser marking is ideal for marking hollow or thin articles, flat and curved surfaces and when minimum finishing of an item is required.

Mechanical marking press
Laser marking machine