Functions of the Central Office of Metrology

Pursuant to the Metrology Act the Central Office of Metrology of the Republic of Estonia performs the following functions:

  1. organises the periodic calibration of national measurement standards, co-ordinates the periodic calibration of state-financed reference standards, and intercomparisons with international standards or those of other countries;
  2. represents Estonia in the European and international metrology organisations on the basis of authorisation granted by the minister responsible for the area;
  3. co-ordinates research and development work at national measurement standard laboratories;
  4. prepares and submits to the minister responsible for the area development plans and reports for national measurement standards;
  5. organises intercomparison calibrations between calibration laboratories;
  6. organises training in the area of metrology.
  7. participates in standardisation and the organisation of Estonian-language terminology in the field of metrology.