“Verification is a procedure during which a competent verification laboratory or notified body inspects the compliance of a measuring instrument with the statutory requirements, and affixes a verification mark to a measuring instrument that complies with the requirements” (§2 (1) (29) Metrology Act).

The purpose of verification is to protect the interests of citizens and state from possible losses caused by incorrect measurements. Verification of measuring instruments is an obligation regulated by the legal acts of Estonia and the European Union. The Republic of Estonia has granted Metrosert the right to act as an authorized and notified body under the Metrology Act and the Product Conformity Act. On the basis of this Metrosert performs domestic initial and subsequent verification and conformity assessment of measuring instruments as an inspection authority.

The certificate and annexes thereof issued by EAC establish the scope of accredited verification services of AS Metrosert.

The Technical Regulatory Authority has authorised AS Metrosert to act as an authorised and notified body based on the following document:


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