Digital stamping in AS Metrosert

In addition to traditional signing a paper document to validate selected documents, AS Metrosert also uses a digital stamp service provided by SK ID Solutions AS to validate an electronic document.

A digital stamp certifies that AS Metrosert is associated with the specific document and the document has not been altered in the meantime.

Digitally stamped original document is located in the digital stamp container.

Document taken out of container is to be treated as a copy of the original document.

AS Metrosert adds to the digitally stamped document information describing the reason for digital stamping and who and when have given the permission (for example a calibration certificate can be digitally stamped only when a person who performed the calibration and a person who is responsible for this measurement area have electronically accepted the document in the company’s internal document approval software environment).

Example of digitally signed certificates can be downloaded here:

2018 (.bdoc),
since august 2019 (.asice)