AS Metrosert calibrates measuring instruments that measure volume starting from glass flasks and other small volume measures to stationary containers in the range from 2 μl to 200 m³. Volume, mass or geometric method can be used for calibration as necessary.

The most common calibrated measuring instruments are:

  • glass flasks and burettes;
  • pipettes;
  • metal volume measures for water and fuel;
  • road and rail tanks;
  • stationary tanks.


AS Metrosert verifies measuring instruments that measure the quantity (volume) of liquids:

  • fuel dispensers, liquid measuring systems;
  • stationary cylindrical capacity measures;
  • permanent piping belonging to tanks;
  • capacity serving measures.

AS Metrosert performs conformity assessment of the measuring systems of liquid quantities in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU (module F).


AS Metrosert offers measurement of the quantity of liquids; the measurement of volume of containers, bunkers and other objects intended to accommodate liquids or bulk materials, both by volume, mass and geometric method.


The measurements of volume are traceable to the measurement standards of mass and temperature of the Estonian national measurement standard laboratory in case volume and mass method is used and to the measurement standards of length of the Estonian national measurement standard laboratory in case geometric method is used.